We invite you to read what some our our happy clients are saying about Go Green, Inc.!

“Go Green was a life saver! I was moving into a new apt. with my 9 month old and the previous tenants left the place a WRECK! I had a few days to move in and I called them and they were able to accommodate me very quickly and they worked efficiently and effectively and all green products that are safe for the little one. Even when the 2 gentleman arrived and I asked them if I can get them anything to eat or drink they said, no because it will effect how they work. I was so impressed by their professionalism and the pride they had at doing such a good job. I will use them again and again.”

~ Jessica R., New York, NY

“I’ve shopped at Go Green for a few years, and the owners are very knowledgeable about the products. They have a vast selection of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning and household products, including harder to find items and lesser known brands. As the parent of a 1-year old, I’ve found their expertise helpful in selecting safe cleaning products, especially since my son puts everything in his mouth and crawls around on the floor. I would not want to use harsh chemicals! They most recently helped me find a non-toxic upholstery cleaner, so I could avoid using a steam cleaner with all of the chemicals.

Of particular interest to parents, they have testing kits for lead paint (if you live in an old brownstone you may want this), radon, and other toxins.

Anyway, this store is quite unique in that it is a stand-alone store that specializes in eco-friendly, non-toxic products, unlike your local bodega that my just have 1 or 2 brands. I should also note that the prices are very reasonable, also unlike your local bodega that marks up everything.”

~ Jennifer Y., Boerum Hill, NY

“Our preschool has used GoGreen for over three years, and I can only say amazing things. They come five times each week and are extremely reliable (in fact they have never missed a day!). It’s very important to our staff and families that we provide a clean, safe, chemical-free environment for the kids. GoGreen has surpassed our expectations. They even cleaned up after construction that left a light layer of dust on every surface and a broken pipe that flooded hundreds of gallons of water into our space. We even have them polish our floors on a regular schedule, and they have never been so clean!”

~ Carolyn P., Brooklyn, Ny

“This is our go to store for going green. We were neighbors with this store for 6 years, and got pretty used to the wonderful array of choices of home and industrial cleaning products. The essential item for us was cheap recycled toilet paper! Gotta have it!

We moved last month, and now find ourselves travelling back to old hood to visit Wayne. Why? Well, it’s not just about the products. It’s the expertise and advice that comes with it–which he offers very freely. Earth Friendly products are available in many stores these days. But an earth friendly store–that’s what Wayne offers us.”

~ Adam S., Brooklyn, NY

“The owner recommended some great products to get my house clean with great natural and effective products.”

~ Cynthia M., Brooklyn, NY

“I had a great experience with Go Green! My situation was unique, since I had just had extermination done in the apartment and needed the kitchen deep cleaned. They cleared out and cleaned ALL of the kitchen cabinets, washed the dishes in the cabinets (which they don’t normally do but agreed to do given my special circumstances), deep cleaned the bathroom and did the floors and dusted the rest of the apartment well. I have already recommended them to friends and would do so again. Marjorie in the store was very helpful and accommodating to my needs. The guys that came were GREAT – cleaned hard and efficiently in the time allotted. It’s more expensive than cleaners I’ve had in the past, but they did a MUCH better job. So, it was well worth it.”

~ Elizabeth G., Brooklyn, NY