Spring cleaning with babies and pets in mind

It’s always a happy thought to know that you’ve have made it out of winter into the springtime knowing that most of the challenges that came along with winter has met its end till the next season. Most people are always anxious to get out and begin their day-to-day springtime activities. All from gardening to cleaning is on the rundown as you plan to get out from the house into the town. If you are leaving with your family and your pets, then you’ll value the pleasant climate as well as get the opportunity to spend more energy outside. This practice is mostly carried out in a typical environment of cold winter.

thoroughly. In other words, this doesn’t merely mean cleaning up that overstuffed storage room by putting away sweaters under the bed or making a gift to the heap. What it implies is requiring that you invest your time, perhaps a day or two if vital, to ensure unused things are given or put away, the windows are washed, the dust and webs are cleared, the ledges are shining, and the refrigerator is made new. Apparently, before these all start, having a checklist that will commensurate your progress, it makes you look more prepared and organized. Detailing an arrangement will help facilitate the pressure and create a more proficient cleaning framework. And also, some other factors need to be put into consideration. Springtime cleaning comes with a lot of work, so it is always advisable to pen down all your plans. Starting from what you intend to do, what you wish to avoid and also the safety measure you want to take during the period of this exercise — trust me, you will be happy you did. Springtime cleaning doesn’t only bring life into your home, but it eventually improves your well-being, by neatly clearing away all stuff that would have accumulated allergens during the winter period. These allergies often not only affect you, but it can also affect your babies, children, and pets. That’s why before you decide which cleaners to use or hire into your residential area, you should ensure that they do follow green and eco-friendly principles, your babies and pets need to be considered when you carry out this tedious exercise. You should ensure they are kept in a safe area where they don’t come into contact during the cleaning because it can be hazardous to them.

A little foreknowledge and anticipation can go far in having a pleasant spring. That’s why below I have laid down a few springtime cleaning safety tips that have your babies and pets in mind.

Use more of Home-made Cleaning products

Most of these store-bought cleaning products are often having different chemicals as part of their active ingredients, thus, may be unsafe for your baby and pets. Plus cleaning products are not usually government regulated so you’re not telling what chemicals are used. Home-made cleaning products are more affordable and environmentally friendly than most store-bought products. When purchasing a cleanser, look out for ones that are natural, which composition pose less or no danger to we humans. Check the labels to see if the products are certified to be eco-friendly, and bio-degradable.

Try to make sure your baby or pet is not in the room you are cleaning

Most parents may be tempted at times to work with their little ones in the room; they decide to multitask so they can round up the cleaning in the quickest of time. Some parents can even be tiding up the kitchen while their baby is by the corner eating some snacks or their cats drinking some milk, but this should be avoided. If you’re thoroughly cleaning a room, be sure to make provision for where your kids/pets will stay and don’t forget to air the room before you let them back in.

Try steam cleaners for your carpets

Most of the time, during the stage a baby begins to learn how to crawl, they spend most of their time on the rugs either rolling or playing with toys. Pets are not left out; they also enjoy the smoothness of the rugs. That’s why carpet cleaning in springtime is of high priority. Because of its form, carpets can house dust, germs, prime and pests like dust mites and dander (for pets). Sadly, as I said earlier, most of these chemicals may be harmful to your babies, plus they get stuck within the carpets which can have a long-term effect on your child if kept on the carpet. Thus, for your pet’s safe, yet hygienic cleaning, try using a steam carpet cleaner for your washing with water and no cleanser.

Keep pesticides away and safe

Though pesticides have its place in the society, the fact remains that it is a poisonous substance. Some will say the adverse effect of this substance thus overlie the positive impact. Pesticides have been associated with myriads of different sicknesses ranging from breathing problems, behavioral problems, cancer, and affecting brain developments. You don’t want your baby or pet suffering from any of this, do you? That’s why on every package it is inscribed “keep out of the reach of children” because its dangers are well known. Fortunately, you can keep bugs and pest far from your household by regular sanitation of food-storage areas.

Think safe when painting

It’s no surprise that springtime cleaning and painting go side by side. That’s why you should care more about the kind of paints you choose to use. Paints with a high level of volatile substance should be avoided because the paints release these gases into the air which may be harmful to your child. With stricter government laws in place, paint manufacturers now reduce the level of this volatile substance in their products. So consider purchasing paint with low or no amount of volatile elements in them, and remember to ventilate the room after painting properly.

We all hope these few tips are helpful in keeping your babies and pets healthy and safety during and after the springtime cleaning.